Aug 17, 2011

We're expecting!!

*deep breath*

On Monday, I peed on a stick and an extra little pink line appeared.  My eyes got big, I went upstairs to the bedroom and showed Dahmon.  Dr's appointment was made for that afternoon, which confirmed - we are expecting our first child in March/April of next year!

The nurses I've been talking to have been disagreeing about how far along the baby is - either 4-6 weeks or 9 weeks.  The only thing for sure is that the baby would be visible to the naked eye at this point, the heart is beating, and I've definitely been feeling some symptoms - though I think since I run a lot the symptoms are lesser than they could have been.  (Note: the nurse said that I can keep running (yay!) so long as I pay attention to my body and the baby and listen when they say slow down.  No more pushing for time).

Parents on both sides are ecstatic.  Angela Fronsoe (friend from college, maid of honor at our wedding) was screaming for a full minute when told.  We've received many well wishes and congrats on Facebook (my status was OVbunEN, Dahmon was much more straightforward and just said that we are pregnant).  We're excited....and terrified!

We're living in a 3 - bedroom house in Minneapolis with Jessy and Alex, two girls we know from school and work respectively.  Our bedroom is basically the entire upstairs of the building, so we'll rearrange furniture so the baby can have one half of the room while we get the other half - for the first year / few months it will be just fine.

Oh baby!

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