Apr 24, 2012

Drexel's birth story

     Ah the joys of learning to type with one hand as required to help make sure a newborn sleeps.  : )  As the previous post indicates, our son Drexel was born nearly two weeks ago during the late afternoon hours of April 9.  Up until that point...

     April 8 - I was feeling pretty tired the entire day, but that can happen when one is nine months pregnant and due to birth any day.  Dahmon had helped with the Easter service at the Good Samaritan place where he is doing CPE (a contextual internship type thing where he is serving as a chaplain to individuals in a convalescent setting). Paula was staying with us because I was due to birth any day and she had been asked to be there.  You'll have to ask her if she wanted to be there or not. ; )  We returned home and found that Dahmon's parents had already arrived to have Easter brunch.  Usually we do Easter at their house in Cannon Falls, but given the impending life change that required close vicinity to the hospital and Dahmon's Easter schedule, they came to us and brought all of the food with them.  During brunch (which also included Dahmon's Aunt Sue), we were laughing and joking about how right then would have been a good time for me to go into labor since they were already in the Cities.

Apr 19, 2012

Drexel is here!

Drexel Enoch Romness
Born April 9 at 5:15pm, 7lbs 13ozs, 21 inches long.