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Let's see here...

Elnora Ann Walker aka Ellie Walker aka Ellie Romness aka Nora Romness aka Elnora Ann Romness aka Cheekola.

Jesus freak, married to Dahmon Romness,  mom to son Drexel, forever Alaskan, sister, friend, nature lover, geek, nerd, ferret obsessed, outdoorsy, artsy, quirky, snarky, WoW player, crime show lover, human...

So yeah, I grew up in a log cabin on a homestead out in the middle of nowhere Alaska with my brother and parents, living a subsistence lifestyle.  Water ran because my brother and I ran to the river to fetch it in 5-gallon buckets.  Electricity came from a pernikity generator.  Being too far from civilization and paved roads meant we were homeschooled. The scariest things around were cranky moose who were tired of running from wolves (seriously, a pissed off moose is terrifying!), and bears that were pissed off at people.  We hunted, fished, grew a garden, gathered natural vegetables (fiddleheads = om nom nom), and generally enjoyed nature...except mud.  Mud is not my friend.  

In late teenagerhood, I moved to MN for college, where I met and married a charming and intelligent farm boy, to whom I have borne a son.  After graduating college with a B.A. in psychology (minors in anthropology and creative writing), I took a year off studying and worked tending the physical and psychological needs of four wonderful women living in a group home.  God called, and I went back to school and received a M.A. in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry from Luther Seminary.

Currently I direct children and family ministry at Red Wing First United Methodist Church, as well as work as a Mental Health Practitioner at Fernbrook Family Center.  

My son is the smile in my day.  :)  See his adorable smile...how could you not fall in love with that?  He's a pretty smart and tenacious tot and we love him dearly.  

This guy pictured holding that beloved tot?  This would be the guy who has to put up with me for life - my husband Dahmon.  Pretty cool guy.  : )

So this is me in a nutshell.

THIS BLOG is about our life, random theological thoughts, discussions about various things, etc.  It's basically my digital sitting place to muse, amuse, snark, and generally be just as pedantic and cheeky as I want.

(By the way, here is the origin of this blog's name: cheeky because it was my moniker in World of Warcraft, pedantic penguin because someone accused me of being such at one point.  While I don't plan on growing flipper any time soon, I liked the moniker.  :)

May God bless and smile upon your day.  May you not be satisfied with auto-pilot Christianity.