Sep 4, 2012


Sorry for the long time since my last post - the last couple of months have been a whirlwind!

First, we were living in 3 places for a little while:  1) Old house, 2) Dahmon's parent's farm house, 3) house sitting a house for the Antioch program that operates out of Minneapolis.  Living in 3 places at the same time is say the least.  Dahmon was picking on me a bit because I became slightly neurotic about knowing where a few specific items were at all times.  What can I say, it becomes important to know where a few things are when everything is all over the place.  After we got all of our junk into the farm house, I went through and got rid of a bunch of it.  I really didn't need two winter coats.

Today Dahmon started school for the year.  Only a few more years and the only one of us in this family who will be in school will be Drexel.

Oh Drexel, my son.  He's growing a TON (16ish pounds, 27ish inches long) and is doing so much more quickly than I was ready for.  Life became a lot easier once he could hold up his head and I could carry him upon my hip.  He is definitely a babe who appreciates the outdoors and will grump and fuss when it is time to bring him inside.  Now he has discovered that these things that move around him, and that he can make move, can help him scoot across the floor...we have a mobile baby!  Now, he isn't exactly fast or coordinated (and kind of reminds me of a lost inchworm), but he is moving and will purposefully go towards specific items.  :)

Here are some new pics of our babe: