Sep 18, 2011

Week 11

This picture was taken last week at our dating ultrasound (ultrasound designed to figure out how far along Baby is).  Result: at that time we were at 10 weeks.  Now we are at 11.  Baby is due on April 10...though the technician made it clear the doc may adjust that date after seeing all of the pictures, and we all know how much babies cooperate with due dates.  =)

Right now, experts say my baby is about 11 weeks (technically 11 on Tuesday, but I like starting weeks on Sunday and since no one can know for 100% certain when implantation occurred, I'm going to say Sunday works).  Baby is about 1.5 inches long (apparently the size of a fig), tooth buds are appearing, some major bones are beginning to harden (don't worry, I've been drinking whole milk), and is moving all over the place.  Now, I thought I was feeling those movements earlier, but after seeing baby move on the ultrasound it was pretty clear that I was just feeling gas bubbles - Baby couldn't even reach the sides of my uterus well enough for me to feel it yet.

Dahmon and I have been tossing names around, and if we have a boy then the baby will be named Drexel.  Not sure on a girl's name yet...but this one I'm going to be far less straightforward about as we decided on Drexel a loooooooooong time ago, so that one wasn't too hard.  We had decided on a girl's name, but then realized one of Dahmon's relatives has the name we decided on.  Oh well.  =)

This past week I've felt physically awful, and decided to not run the marathon that I was training for.  I just feel too goshdarn poopy/tired.  Right now I'm spending the day in bed due to illness.  Bleh.  Constant stuffiness from allergies developed into an actual cold...not fair!

:)  Off to homework...