Aug 22, 2011

Oy vey...

....wit da poodles already!!

Morning sickness my eye - this is more like "all day, whenever" sickness...and sleep isn't even sacred.  Argh.  Dahmon bought me some wrist bands that have a plastic knob that apply pressure to some pressure points in my wrist that help the nausea go down...thank God!  Healing pressure points are wonderful things.

You know what has me in awe right now?  According to websites, our baby is about the size of a grape (we'll know more when we go in for the ultrasound on the 8th).  I didn't even know it was growing within me until last Monday, and already its little nervous system, circulatory system, and every other system is well under way.  If the one nurse is right and I'm at 9 weeks, then this baby's heart is already beating!  How unreal to imagine that the heart of another is beating within my uterus and one cannot even tell from looking at me yet that I'm even with child.  

It is absolutely mindblowing to think about how God orchestrates a birth.  I don't know how to feed and nourish an in utero child, but God has created my body such that it does exactly what it needs to do exactly when it needs to do it in order for this child to grown and be born healthy.  Its DNA looks completely different than mine, it is a completely different person than me, and yet I get to be a part of its creation.  God allows me to be a part of the creation of one of his precious children - how cool!!

I'm just continually in awe right now about how I don't need to tell my body what to do (wouldn't even know where to begin), but it does exactly what it needs to.  I can't even speak to my child yet, but its cells are doing exactly what they need to in order to create the systems that need to be in place.  Nothing but God and DNA are telling our mutual bodies what to do in order to function together symbiotically.

Okay, I'm ill (being married means sharing germs with your spouse, and Dahmon was super sick last week - my turn) and super tired from being sick and pregnant, and I don't think this post is capturing what I really mean.  Oh well.  Time for a nap.

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