May 20, 2012


Elnora Romness, M.A.

Two letters added to the end of my name.  Two letters which signify two years of hard work that went towards studying theology, doctrine, church history, theory of ministry, etc.  Two letters which signify many hours reading, papers written, and relationships began with colleagues.  Two letters, one baby, and much brain stretching later, and I have a master's degree in children, youth, and family ministry.

Needless to say, today I graduated Luther Seminary with a Master of Arts in Children, Youth, and Family ministry.  What am I going to do with that?  I have no idea whatsoever, but I do know that God very clearly brought me into that program.  Originally I had signed up for a dual degree program between Luther Seminary and Augsburg, but due to circumstances beyond my control, the Augsburg piece became a non-option.  Hence I finished the CYF degree at Luther as I could not bear the thought of quitting a degree when I 1) had already finished half of the work and 2) was in the program on scholarship and so wasn't paying for anything anyways.

So, I am currently looking for a job that utilizes both of my degrees, the aforementioned M.A. and my B.A. in Psychology.  Ideally I would like something in advocacy for kids where I can actually use my faith...not sure I would survive in a place where I am exposed to much sadness and such and not be allowed to talk about God.  Seeking a job is made a little ticklish right now because we do not know where we are going to be living in a few years due to having to move with Dahmon's internship for his MDiv program.  I cannot get something permanent due to having to move a year or two after getting a job, but we'll see.  God very clearly led me into this program, so I trust that he has a plan for its usage.  Although, perhaps he had me in the program so that I would be taken out of my little theological box...I don't know - but HE does!  : )

And now time to go cuddle with my adorable baby...  

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