Dec 18, 2011

Update time!

Alright, I'm horrible at updating this...sorry!!!!!!!

More pics will come later...for now they are stockpiling on my computer.

Quick update:

  • I am done with the semester and Dahmon will be done tomorrow.  My master's degree major project degree focus may have changed, but I still need to flesh that out (basically, I found the book I wanted to write about kids with disabilities in the Church, so now I want to do something else to avoid duplicating efforts). 
  • My head is now 15 inches of hair lighter - went in and got a whole bunch chopped off this afternoon.  Not sure that I like the resulting 'do yet, but we'll see.  =)
  • Drexel is doing well - moving and kicking up a storm.  Though I do find it amusing that Drexel is pretty active until Dahmon is around.  Dahmon is apparently very soothing to our son, as Rex calms down and stops moving around as much when Dahmon is present.  I know who the baby whisperer is between us with this particular child (provided this pattern holds out).  Rex also seems to know when I haven't eaten for awhile, as he will move around and not calm down until I'm full.  =)  I'm starting to feel him kicking up by my bellybutton, and am not terribly fond of his habit of shoving his foot in places and then leaving it there...that starts to hurt after awhile.
  • Drexel is registered at Target, for inquiring minds that want to know.
Ummmmmmm, I think that is it for now.  I'll be posting some of my papers from this past semester once I've gotten grades back.  

More regular posts to follow, hopefully.  =)

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