Nov 15, 2011

Its a boy!!

Alright, so I suck at updating this lately...and the only reason I have to give is that homework has officially been super crushing in addition to work and everything else.  This blog was the thing that was neglected.  Sorry!

Anyways - we went for an ultrasound today and found out with no uncertainty that we are having a boy!  Little Drexel had his hands up by his head and everything, so it wasn't a mistaken hand/finger in place...this is a boy is a boy is boy.  =)  No ambiguity in that ultrasound discernment...even I could tell before the tech said anything that we are having a boy.

The concerning thing is that they found a weak area where the amniotic sac is attached to the uterus.  From my understanding, the "bag of waters" adheres to the side of the uterus in much the same way as lungs adhere to the side of the chest cavity.  They said there is a little weak spot in Drexel's bag of waters, so they are sending us to get a more detailed ultrasound next week.  Most likely it was caused by the sub-chorionic hemorrhage a little over a week ago, but we'll find out exactly what that means and if it is something we actually need to worry about during the follow-up ultrasound.  The midwife said they also saw a bright spot in Drexel's heart  (forgot what she called it) that can occasionally be the signal of an actual problem, so they'll check that out more in depth during next week's ultrasound as well.  She said usually when they see that spot, it means nothing, but it means something in enough cases that they tell people about it so they are aware there is the potential for a problem.  Prayers would be cool  :)  I'm a bit of a worried Momma, but when I pray about it, it almost seems as though God tells me to spend my prayer energies elsewhere because he's got this one covered.

We are at week 19 - one week from halfway to full-term, but only about 17-18 weeks away from being able to have a safe delivery.  Yeesh that is coming up quickly!  Now that we know sex, I can start working harder to determine daycare options once Drexel is born.  We have some friends who may be willing to help, but I need to check in with everyone and get everything figured out.  " )

Week 19 means Drexel is still swallowing amniotic fluid, but it is turning into meconium, the tar-ish substance that is a baby's first poop.  Processing amniotic fluid through his system helps Drexel get ready to process breastmilk once he is born.  He's approximately 5-6 inches long, the size of a large heirloom tomatoe, and kicking up a storm (believe me - not only did we see it on the monitor today, but I've been feeling his little thumps).

I'm super tired and need to go to bed, so signing off for now.  More later.  :)

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