Mar 26, 2012

Haiti - a snapshot of the impact it had on me

I was recently asked to write a newsletter about my experience in Haiti in January 2011 for World Wide Village.  Just thought I'd share the newsletter that I wrote:

I Went To Haiti and It Changed Me
By Nora Romness

My grandmother's reaction upon learning that I was going to Haiti in January of 2011 was to say I had "gone and lost all [my] good sense." In Gramma's mind, Haiti was a dangerous place full of every stereotype about Third World countries possible, and there was no way her granddaughter was going to go to such a place. After assuaging her fears, I boarded a plane with Ali Funk (WWV staff) and we both set off for our first trip to Haiti.

Mar 13, 2012

...aaaand, ACTION!

Acting is a hobby of mine.  I love acting.  No, that's not quite right...I LOVE acting! Two years ago at about this time, I answered an open call to an acting school in the Cities.  Upon enrolling, I completed one acting class and one modeling class.  Since then I've taken part in several gigs of each variety in the Cities area, and have realized that I LOVE acting and modeling is, well, going to be put on the backburner for awhile except for those things I've already committed to.

Acting is so expressive, and I have met some absolutely wonderful people through this particular art.  One of the films I was in recently ("The Humanity Code") won an award at a local film festival.  Next week a friend and I get to attend the premiere of another project I was in.  The past two weekends have seen me traveling to Wausau, WI to act in a movie by Jarrod Crooks.  I've even served as crew and helped hold booms, maintain continuity between takes, etc.  (For my IMDB profile, click here...but note that it is a work in progress).  To tell you the truth, I think every actor should be on a crew or two at some point - it really helps to know what the crew is going through when trying to make a shot "right".  BUT somehow the thought of Charlie Sheen in control of a boom makes me nervous  : )

For now, my acting/modeling is limited due to being 8 months pregnant, still in school, and working 30 hours a week.  This summer, I hope to get back into the acting more, actively seeking roles and such, and modeling with a group that I am part of.

So yah, that is this week's installment of "random tidbits about Nora".  Tune in next time to hear the squirrely details about getting ready to have a kid.  : )